fancy and fried.

This food portion of my blog isn’t always about the recipes/dishes I like to make myself, it’s also about any amazing dishes I find at restaurants that I feel needs to be shared. So, knowing I would be back home for the thanksgiving holiday, one of the first plans I officially made “set in stone” was making a trip to devour the deliciousness my friend Jenna and I know as “Rice balls”. You honestly haven’t lived until you’ve eaten these things. They are absolutely, positively the maximum/best combination of flavors your tongue could possibly handle all at once.

At The Winery inside The District in Tustin, California, there are many happy hour “snacks” you can order while eating in the bar area, but you really only need to know about one. “Crispy, Cheesy, Risotto Lollipops with a Black Truffle Sauce” (pictured to the left). Jenna and I always order the Sauvignon Blanc they have on the wine menu for happy hour, so I’m not sure if there is only one particular route to go with the wine selection when it comes to eating these delicious balls of rice but by all means go for it and see what you come up with. Anyways, on to the rice balls!

So once they put your order of the “Risotto Lollipops” on the table, it’s best to let them sit for a few minutes cause they will be piping hot! It is so great that they have giant skewers sticking out of these things otherwise you’d have to probably wait awhile before being able to enjoy them; which is something I’m never prepared to do. Once your “lollipops” have cooled off a bit, it’s time to cut them in half with your fork and when you do this, the cheese on the inside comes gushing out and the smell from the risotto just completely whelms you to the point where you’re almost in some sort of blissfully unaware version of happiness. Now it’s time to pierce that fried rice cheesy ball with your fork and DUNK it in the side of black truffle sauce that accompanies the Risotto Lollipops. Speaking from someone who had never fully understood the value that chefs place on truffles until I tried this sauce, I just don’t see why people aren’t introduced to truffles more frequently. The first time I had ever eaten anything that had the word “truffle” in it was the first time I tried these Risotto Lollipops. This sauce is A-MAZING. It’s the perfect creation of savory that could possibly pair with these cheesy balls of rice.

So now, you need to place the deliciousness in your mouth and repeat the previously mentioned steps over and over again until your first plate of the risotto lollipops are gone and you’re on your way to ordering a second plate and maybe even possibly a third. I, without a doubt, recommend ordering these the next time you are at The Winery. They are “deep-friend and fancy” as my friend Jenna and I like to say. What on earth could be better?

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