Thank you Netflix! I just spent most of my day watching movies instead of working on my term paper. Procrastination has taken on a whole new level thanks to the creation of my account with Netflix. Okay, so a movie post instead of a food post for a change!

I am a firm believer that sometimes you have to be in a “mood” to watch a certain type of movie. Sometimes you can’t be mopey or depressed and watch a “tear-jerker” because it’ll just make you more depressed. Sometimes you have to be hyped or pumped to watch an action flick. Sometimes you have to be in a serious or inquisitive mood to watch a documentary or a film created to make you think. So, my preferential movie choice is always on average a “Rom-Com” or Romantic Comedy as they are more widely known. With a Romantic Comedy film, I’m guaranteed that for the couple of hours I’ll be escaping from my own reality, I’ll be immersed in a story where I’ll get to laugh and hopefully see some people fall in love. Why would I escape my version of reality to be subjected to a story where people are being murdered or someone’s lost a loved one or some other horrible tragedy has taken place? Anyways on to my first movie post.

While sorting through some options that Netflix had decided “I might like” thanks to about a few hundred movies I had rated through their service, I stumbled upon Timer. Timer is a story about a world where falling in love with the one person you’re meant to be with can be made absolute by getting implanted with a device called a “timer”. This device can be implanted as early as your freshman year of high school and can be implanted at any other time in your life thereafter. Once the device is implanted, your “timer” will either begin a countdown towards the exact day when you’ll make eye contact with your one true love (that is, it will automatically have a countdown if your “one” has been implanted as well), or the spaces where the months, days, hours, minutes and seconds appear will reveal nothing because your “one” hasn’t been implanted yet. Oona (rhymes with Luna), Emma Caulfield, was implanted along with her stepsister Steph, Michelle Borth (who, by the way, could be Kate Beckinsale’s twin or younger sister or something because they are strangely similar looking), when they were both freshman, and while Steph has always known that her “one” wouldn’t be revealed for many more years, Oona’s one true love hasn’t been implanted; yet.

The story follows Oona, Steph, the men in their lives, and their family as they all discover what the “timer” means to them and for the girls: whether or not they are going to continue to let it dictate how they go about dating. Listen, Desmond Harrington from Dexter is in this movie and he is very attractive so that made this movie, for me, that much more enjoyable to watch. But besides that added factoid for you, it’s an interesting idea for a movie. What would life be like if we all knew for an absolute fact that the special someone in our life was indeed our “one true love”? Not that I’m doubting that there is such a thing as a true love, but just that, is there really only one? And would a timer really be all that significant if you already just knew? So many questions to ponder.

If you have a Netflix account, and are up to watching a romantic comedy, you should seriously watch Timer. I’m not saying it’s my new favorite movie or that when people say, “Name your top 3 movies”, Timer will be one of them, BUT it’s a movie that will make your few hours of escape from reality very much enjoyed. Unless you’re own of those sick and twisted scary movie junkies in which case I’m wondering why are you even still reading this, I clearly stated in the beginning this was about a Romantic Comedy…

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