Banana Bread.

I know. Two back to back posts involving bananas. I guess you could say I’m a little obsessed with them right now. I don’t know what it was, but once I had baked the cupcakes and got to bite into the fluffy, banana-filled flavor they supplied, I sort of decided I needed to experience more. Growing up, I think we had Banana Bread given once or twice as a gift of some kind and I never really liked it. It is probably because a lot of Banana Bread recipes call for nuts of some kind to be baked in and again, my texture issues tend to influence what foods I will try. I found this recipe on and decided it was perfect for me because it was simple and I already had all of the ingredients and (bonus!) no nuts were listed in the ingredients. Another wonderful thing about this recipe is that you don’t need to use an electric mixer. I am a little behind when it comes to electric mixers and have yet to purchase a standing one. Considering how much easier it would be to use instead of the handheld ones you’d think I would have already hopped on board the standing mixer train, but I sadly admit I have not. They are kind of pricey and I guess I just haven’t found that much spare cash in my budget to buy one. Enough with the woe is me talk, this recipe doesn’t require an electric mixer; just a bowl and a wooden spoon! I have to admit, when I was mixing the ingredients together it sort of made me think about how people made doughs and batters long before electric mixers were created and I sort of felt like I was transported back to that time. I felt very old-fashioned. Anyways, this recipe is very simple and like I mentioned in my last post and considering how long ago I added the Fried Chocolate-Hazelnut Ravioli post, SIMPLE is the one word I am looking for when describing the things I am cooking and baking right now. The bread turned out so moist and fluffy I decided to let myself enjoy a couple of slices. I love how the bread smells when you cut into the loaf for the first time and I also love the different colors of the bread; sort of reminds me of a marble cake. This recipe is simple and delicious and doesn’t require an electric mixer! Also the ingredients are all things that most bakers have on hand all ready so it’s really like what’s preventing you from making this Banana Bread recipe.

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