Madeleine Cookies!

I’ve accomplished quite a lot this weekend. Friday night I learned a new drinking game involving dice. Saturday I half-cleaned my apartment (only half-cleaned because Mom’s weekend is this weekend and I know I’ll be cleaning like a mad woman later this week in anticipation of my mom’s arrival) and I finished the 6th season of Weeds. And today, I finished an assignment for my anthropology class early and baked Madeleine’s! My quest to not only acquire a Madeleine cookie sheet but also find the time to bake these fluffy delights has finally been completed! As you may or may not tell, the top of my list of accomplishments for this weekend was the baking. Awe Priorities!

I picked up a Madeleine cookie sheet last weekend at Bed Bath and Beyond for like $15 and found a recipe for them at These cookies are sooooo easy to whip up and bake. I think it took me a total of an hour to mix, bake and clean and that was 2 batches of cookies mind you. Ever since I saw these babies at Starbucks next to the register when I was ordering my latte a few years ago I’ve been wanting to bake these cookies! These are great cookies to enjoy with coffee or tea and/or by themselves. They are light and moist and are traditionally made with lemon or orange zest. The recipe I used called Gourmet Madeleine Cookies called for lemon zest and since there is vanilla extract in the recipe as well, the tart flavor from the lemon zest is balanced out by the sweetness from the vanilla extract. The recipe said to only use 1 tablespoon of batter per cookie indentation but really the most important thing is that the entire cookie indentation is used during the baking process because if not the characteristic indentations that Madeleine’s are known for won’t show up on the cookie. I learned this the hard way with my first batch and decided that for the second batch I would make sure to add more batter. I would say I used about 1 1/2- 2 tablespoons of batter per mold and my second batch turned  out looking like champs. Also the recipe I used (see Gourmet Madeleine Cookies link above) said to bake in the oven @ 375 〫F for 10-16 minutes but I found them to come out perfectly after only 9 minutes. Madeleine’s are really easy to make and are made using basic baker’s ingredients (flour, eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla and butter) so if you have some free time to make these cookies I highly recommend that you do.


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