Work in progress: cake pops.

Cake pops have been around for awhile and if you’ve heard of Bakerella then you know what cake pops are and all the really cute ways you can make them. Starbucks jumped on that bandwagon as well and they sell them along with their coffee cakes and other treats. Last week-ish, I saw something on the internet, I just finished part one of my 12 week summer school stint so I can’t seem to recall where or what I saw, but it sparked an interest to try making cake pops for the first time.

These are 100% a work in progress. For one, I don’t have the “lollipop” sticks that truly make these “cake pops”. Who would have thought that I needed to look in the housewares section of Walmart, rather than the food area if I wanted toothpicks or anything of a close resemblance to them. I found these like “party fork” things hanging up in the soda aisle and figured with the funfetti cake and rainbow sprinkles, having red, orange and yellow party forks might actually be okay.

Making the cake part of the cake pops is the easiest part. Even if you aren’t using the kind of cake that originates in the baking aisle of your local grocery store in the form of a box like I did, all you have to do is bake a cake. The great thing about cake pops is, just like with cakes and cupcakes, the possibilities are pretty much endless. I chose to do funfetti because I was in a “funfetti” kind of mood. That’s just me. You could be in a double fudge kind of mood. Whatever floats your boat. I was also feeling like I needed some chocolate in my immediate future so I whipped up a little chocolate frosting with stuff I had in my cupboard. Again, whatever you are feeling in the mood for. The frosting that comes in a can could be more appealing than making some home-made frosting; and if for whatever reason that may be the case, by all means, go for it.

Once the cake is baked, you want to let it cool down. From there, you just run a fork through the fluffy goodness that you produced thanks to a little help from your oven until you are left with cake crumbs. From the cake crumbs you proceed to grab a handful of cake crumbs and roll them into balls. Size may vary. Again, whatever you feel like doing. I really had no idea what I was doing so I covered the balls of cake in their own individual pieces of saran wrap and placed those in a plastic bag, and placed the plastic bag in my freezer. At this point of the process, you have cake balls. They cannot be referred to as cake pops because they aren’t on sticks. Just as long as we’re on the same page about the terminology here I shall continue.

(back to the baking process.)

Before I decided to go off on a small tangent over the terminology, I had just placed the cake balls in the freezer. My thought process here was that the cake balls needed to be cold that way when I rolled them in the hot icing/frosting/glaze mixture they wouldn’t fall apart since there was nothing really holding the cake together. I think that next time, I’m gonna find a way to had a little bit of frosting to the cake crumbs so as to act like a form of “glue” for the cake balls. Also, at this point, I became overwhelmed by how tired I was and decided to finish my pursuit of cake pops the following day. As you can imagine, the next day the cake balls were beyond the cold temperature I was hoping for, so I left them out to slowly come to room temperature as I was making the frosting. Actually, I can’t even call it frosting. It’s more like a glaze. Anyways, I melted some chocolate chips with a double boiler, added some milk, vanilla extract and powdered sugar, and stirred everything together until the chips were melted and all the sugar had completely dissolved into the chocolate. From there, I set up a cooling rack for cookies over a cookie sheet, and proceeded to roll the cake balls into the chocolate glaze until they were evenly coated (well about as even as I could get them) and then scooped them out with a fork and placed them on the cookie rack, that way the excess chocolate could drip onto the cookie sheet below. I did this for all the cake balls, then proceeded to sprinkle little rainbow sprinkles all over them and all over my kitchen floor (whoops) and then I party forked all the cake balls.

I’m not happy with how they ended up at all but they are in fact the cake pops I was aiming to make. Obviously when you are making something for the first time, you are not necessarily going to have them turn out exactly how you want them and you just have to accept that. I needed to make these this way, that way next time I make them, I know what not to do and now so do you.

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