champagne risotto: props to giada.

Champagne is already super delicious and fun to drink but I never even came close to thinking, “I should use this instead of wine when making risotto.” Dang Giada, your perfectionism annoys like nothing else, but no one can argue with your food. You know exactly what you are doing, and so, I applaud thee.

Champagne Risotto includes asparagus and prosciutto and it’s made like most other risotto recipes. Once the alcohol has been cooked out, the champagne brings a wonderful flavor to this dish. The asparagus, which is cut in 1 in. slices on the diagonal, offers a beautiful bright green and tender addition to the risotto. The prosciutto, which sometimes accompanies roasted asparagus on appetizer platters, goes so great with the asparagus and creamy risotto. In this recipe, the prosciutto is baked at 450 degrees for 6-8 minutes and it’s crumbled over the top of the finished asparagus/champagne/risotto like salty, crunchy bacon would be over whatever the heck you like to put crumbled bacon over.

The oven in my apartment is going through some kind of a psychotic breakdown so I’m not allowed to heat it past 400 degrees without the smoke detector going through its own psychotic episode so I put the prosciutto in at 400 degrees for 6 minutes and then turned the oven off. I let the oven cool down for 5 minutes before I took the prosciutto out and it came out perfect. You probably have an oven that won’t have a problem with being asked to heat itself up to 450 degrees, so by all means follow the recipe provided.

Giada also breaks up the butter input in this recipe. She does 1 tbsp first with the shallot when sauteing and then the other 1 tbsp after everything is said and done and you’re adding the asparagus and parmesan cheese. I found that you really do not need another tbsp of butter, half a tbsp would be fine but, again, totally your call because it’s not going to change the fact that this risotto is delicious!

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