oh so easy: rustic raspberry tart.

I have really been enjoying all the wonderful fruits and veggies that have been in season these past few months. By far my favorite has to be the raspberries though. It’s a good thing they only sell them in those little tiny cartons at the store because they are usually gone once I start eating them. Fresh raspberries are perfect for summer baking. I personally like to toss a raspberry in my champagne every so often because I love how the bubbles play with the raspberry when you first put it in. Also, raspberries taste really good when they’ve been soaking in champagne… just throwing that out there. I found the recipe for Rustic Raspberry Tart on the FoodNetwork website and it has, quite possibly, the easiest way to make dough I have ever come across. Flour, sugar, butter, and milk. Pop it in the fridge for an hour or so. Boom. Fresh dough. It gets even easier to make if you’ve got a handy food processor to cut the butter in for you! The raspberry filling? Maybe even easier. Sugar, flour, lemon zest, raspberries (surprise!) and melted butter. The first four ingredients get tossed together until the raspberries are covered and the melted butter gets drizzled over the filling once you’ve got it all tucked into the dough. Just before putting it in the oven, brush the dough with a little egg wash then pop it in the oven for 30-35 minutes and you are done. Oh, wait. Sorry, you sprinkle powered sugar over the top, then you are done. Let it cool a smidge before you dive in. The dough is buttery and just the right amount of flaky. The lemon zest is definitely tasted in the filling but it’s almost barely noticeable which is great because you wouldn’t want it to take the spotlight away from the sweet and tart raspberries.

The nice thing about this tart is that depending on your dough rolling skills you are probably gonna have 6 small servings. And by small, I mean small. Definitely could hold one slice of this tart in one hand, easily. This is great if you have people devouring this tart and they happen to be watching what they are eating. Who’s going to say no to a tiny slice of a fresh raspberry tart? Probably no one. Especially if I’m the one asking (only sort of kidding). This tart was so easy to make and now would be the time to make it! Raspberries aren’t going to be in the produce section forever. Maybe the freezer section, but that just wouldn’t be the same.

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One Response to oh so easy: rustic raspberry tart.

  1. I love the rustic look of these types of desserts…thanks for sharing!

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