Cronuts. (YES, that’s why I meant to type).

Has anyone else been hearing ridiculous things about a new foodie dessert originating in NYC that is a croissant-donut hybrid? Like this article? I’ve been tempted to book a flight just to stand in line in the wee hours of the morning to be one of the first to buy a fresh delicious “cronut” and I’m NOT a morning person. I can’t emphasize that enough. Image

This was my first attempt at cronuts (all though I guess technically these are “crescent donuts”). They didn’t turn out perfect but Brigitte gave me the inspiration I needed to even make this attempt. I’m happy with the outcome however not perfect it may be because it was absolutely delicious. Image

My flavor? Maple Bacon because well… Bacon. I’m perplexed as to what I’m supposed to do with all the oil I used to fry them and my kitchen needs to be thoroughly scrubbed so as to not attract ants but this west coast girl is happy. She finally got to try a “cronut.”Image

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